1. Hack Video cameras

Type this in google

this inurl:"viewerframe?mode=refresh"

with quotes and click any result...
you can see cameras around the world..and you can move some cameras....

2. Search google for free files
Type this into google with the quotes

"intitle:index of"

anything and you can download free files like music movies games and soo on for example i used this one but u can write whatewer u want for ex.

"intitle:index of" hacks

GO AN TRY:....
i found this one RAPIDSHARE :P havent tried it but it looks reallyy goodd orr this onee
Spoiler untuk gambar:

3. Get Usage statistics for sites
Get traffic statistic for sites .... put this with the quotes into google
 intitle:"usage statistics for" "generated by webalizer"

and choose the site...

4. Search for "ROBOTS"

OOkayy i just dont know is this useful but its not for me..but anyway ill post it...Type this into google with the quotes


disallow:" filetype:txt

5. Search for FTP`s

Search for FTPs.... type this into google

intitle:index of ws_ftp.ini

and choose..:P

7. Get Front Page sites username and password

This one is good ...but the bad thing is that you must decrypt password
...Its a DES Encryption so try using John the ripper...
U must have frontpage installed on ur PC so u can DEFACE the page
Type this in google with quotes and click any page

inurl:_vti_pvt "service.pwd"

8. Remote another Computer

Ookayy this one is can take over someones pc but the problem is that u dont know the password...
so u will need to use bruteforcer.... the best for this is any VNC Bruteforcer
Type this in google with quotes

"vnc desktop" inurl:5800

If u dont have much results change the number to

"vnc desktop" inurl:5801..

than 5802 and soo...

9. Get Full access to phpMyAdmin

THis one is coolll...U can get full control of someones MYphpAdmin ....type this into google intitlehpMyAdmin "Welcome to phpMyAdmin ***" "running on * as root@*" and click anyy....

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