Foto - foto Pria sebelim jadi wanitA

All these women were once men, and you can see the images before and after the gender change. It is really unbelievable. Some of these ladies look very beautiful and feminine, but some of them still have some male features.

April Ashley - Model, Entertainer, Socialite

Joan Roughgarden - Biologist

Dana International - Singer, Entertainer

Melanie Anne Phillips - TS Support-Site Authoress

Jan Morris - Writer

Nong Tum - Thai kick-boxing instructor

Leona Lo - Writer

Harisu - Model, Entertainer

Madeleine Williams - Systems Engineer

Cindy Thai Tai - Singer, songwriter, make-up artist

Yasmene Jabar - Homemaker

Nong Poy - Actress, model

Caroline 'Tula' Cossey - Actress

Leslie Townsend - Model, Comedienne, Author

Sara Kristine Becker - Family Physician, Gender Counselor

Donna Rose - IT Project Manager

Kate Kira - Biologist

Christine Beatty - Software engineer, writer

Kelly Van De Veer - Singer, Actress

Terry Noel - Showgirl

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